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brown-paperbags-309963_960_720Can it be possible that it is time for school to start back already! With that news it is also time to start thinking about healthy lunches for school days.  Make school lunches easy and fun with healthy brown bag lunch ideas. Transform classic lunches like peanut butter and jelly or tuna and cheese into healthier lunch day ideas.  Kids will also love the healthier snack ideas that will keep them full and energized throughout the day.


Even before thinking about lunch box or brown bag ideas check your go to school containers. Small compartment containers will fill up with fruit, salad, a protein and a treat with a small amount of space and a variety of choices for your child.  If you have a picky eater who loves sandwiches but you are cutting the crust off the bread slices every morning purchase interesting shaped cookie cutters and cut the bread with these. What child wouldn’t want to have a surprise shaped sandwich to look forward to at lunchtime.  There could also be a theme lunch. Fall leaves and soon to be Halloween shaped ghosts and goblins sandwiches with fruits and a treat sound like a winner.

But who says all lunches have to start with a sandwich.  Roll some ham or turkey slices and skewer with straight pretzel sticks. Add cheese blocks, fruit and a treat.  Keeping in mind those small individual containers lend spaces for many lunch ideas.

Think FINGER FOODS!  Cut up small pieces of left over pizza, use string cheese and crackers, boil an egg and slice, use pineapple chunks, spread PB&J on a mini bagel instead of bread, cut cherry tomatoes. All of these ideas are finger foods that can be eaten while your child is socializing with their friends over lunchtime.

Remember is lunchtime at school is important for refueling for your child to be able to enjoy the remainder of the school day. Give them easy to transport and easy to eat options!

And as always if you are looking for other lunchtime ideas contact your healthcare provider.