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Becoming a Primary Care Patient

Masonboro Urgent Care is a community-based practice, providing urgent care and primary care for Pleasure Island and the southern end of New Hanover County.

We see patients on an open schedule, which means that if you are sick, injured, or have a need for a medical provider today, you will be seen today if at all possible.

We take primary care patients from ages 6 to 55.

Points to consider:

  • Before you can be considered a primary care patient, you will need to be seen at a regular walk-in appointment. After a discussion of your needs with a provider, a mutual decision can be made to determine if this is the best practice model for you.
  • If you already consider yourself a primary care patient of Masonboro Urgent Care please discuss this with your provider on your next visit, a physical exam may be required at the discretion of the provider.
  • A physical exam is an assessment of a healthy patient to evaluate the need for preventative medical care.
  • The physical exam is billed according to age and frequently does not require a co-pay or deductible.  Payment varies with each insurance plan. Please check with your own insurance to see what is covered.
  • If there is a pre-existing condition or a new problem discovered during the physical exam that will require assessment and/or treatment, then an office visit will be charged according to complexity and in addition to the physical exam.
  • When an office visit is also charged, your insurance company will treat this in the usual manner (e.g. applied to deductible or requiring co-pay).
  • We are available to provide urgent care for those who are not primary care patients of this office.
  • We do see Medicare and Medicaid patients as urgent care, but are unable to accept Medicare and Adult Medicaid as primary care at this time.
  • We are in network with all major insurances and will bill your insurance for you if we are not in network with your insurance. We do ask that you pay at the time of service if we are not in network with your insurance as most insurances pay the patient for out of network services.
  • We have a fee schedule set for those without insurance, with your financial needs in mind. Please ask our office staff about resources in the community to help you learn more about the options available to you for coverage of your healthcare needs.


What you can expect from Masonboro Urgent Care:

  • As your primary care provider, we will help coordinate our care with the services of a Care Coordinator. If you go to a specialist or to the ER, inform them that you would like your visit information sent to our office so that we can incorporate this treatment into your plan of care.
  • We have a provider on call. Just call the office number at 910-794-4947, when prompted press 1 and you will be connected to the provider on call. You can discuss your after hours, urgent needs with one of our providers.
  • We will provide evidence-based care with education and outside resources to help you and your family understand and respond to your medical conditions.
  • If you require the expertise of a specialist, including a behavioral health specialist, we will help arrange this. If you do not hear from that specialist within 2 weeks of referral, please call back to our office so that we can follow up on the referral.
  • When you become a primary care patient at this office, we will help you to have your medical records transferred from your previous providers. Please ask the receptionist to help you with this.


Thank you for trusting us with your care.