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Flu Season! Already!!

How can summer be gone and school be started back already. It seems the time since last flu season has passed by so quickly. But now our attention turns back to staying healthy and avoiding influenza.

Influenza viruses typically circulate widely through the United States annually from late fall to early spring. Although most people who become infected with influenza will recover without problems, influenza can cause serious illness and death.  Annual influenza vaccination is the primary means of preventing influenza and its complications.

The first step in avoiding getting influenza is to get a flu vaccine.  Who should get vaccinated this season? Everyone six months of age and older should get a flu vaccine with the exception of children younger than 6 months, people with severe life threatening allergies to the flu vaccine or any of its ingredients, people who have an allergy to eggs, people who have ever had Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) or people who are feeling ill or have a fever.

Influenza vaccination has important benefits. It can reduce flu illness, doctor visits and missed work or school days due to having symptoms of the flu. Getting vaccinated for influenza can also prevent flu related hospitalizations.

Do not wait until you might have fever or start to have symptoms of influenza. Talk to your health care provider about the influenza vaccine and how to be vaccinated before it strikes.