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Since May is National Urgent Care Awareness Month we would like to do our part to educate you about the part Urgent Care plays in your healthcare.


Urgent Care is a type of walk in medical facility staffed with medical doctors and mid level providers (PA and FNP) that can handle illness and injuries that need immediate care.   It is separate from a hospital or an emergency room and is less expensive.


National Urgent Care Awareness Month recognizes the growth in the Urgent Care industry across the US and the value of urgent care for a variety of common medical needs.  Urgent Care centers like Masonboro Urgent Care helps alleviate overcrowding in the emergency rooms and helps to support primary care providers and specialists by providing convenient, high quality and affordable health care during the evenings and on weekends. Urgent Care serves the walk in needsfor injury or acute illness that demands medical attention at a time when a primary care provider cannot schedule a patient for a visit or an ER is not needed.

We want patients to know there are a growing number of local options for medical situations that require prompt attention, but are non-life threatening. While urgent care will never take the place of a primary care doctor for ongoing or chronic care, and is not a replacement for the emergency room in life- or limb-threatening situations, the thousands of urgent care centers across the country bridge the gap between these options and provide an affordable, convenient choice for many common medical issues.

Urgent Care Awareness Month was established to recognize the growth of the industry, and to let our neighbors all across the country know that urgent care centers are ready and available to make their lives easier and healthier. When you or someone in your family has a common illness, a non-life threatening injury, or one of many other medical needs, urgent care centers are great options.